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Account Profiling

Our ‘Account Profiling’ service is all about getting under the skin of an organisation, with whom you wish to supply or partnerto truly understand the people and their plans and how your business can add real value to their projects and innitiatives.  Profiling research focuses on:


Identification of relevant contacts within a target account


Provision of relevant account knowledge and intelligence pertinent to your offering, including: 


  • Incumbent supplier of services/products comparable to your offering, coverage, timeline, etc.
  • Satisfaction level of current services/products being delivered, health of relationship with current supplier
  • Partnerships with 3rd parties e.g. System Integrators, Consultancy firms, etc.
  • Review cycle for relevant services/products
  • Current and future projects pertinent to your offering
  • Key decision makers and decision making process
  • A clear understanding of the procurement process
  • Organisational charting of relevant contacts and reporting lines


We view this service as a more ‘strategic’ approach to achieving your goals than the more ‘tactical’ lead generation activity which we can also provide.

Armed with this account intelligence, presented in a formatted document, you can strategically plan your sales activity to maximise the
 effectiveness of your approach and improve your win ratio.

The profiles we supply are regularly updated and are made available to our clients ‘on-demand’ enabling them to view the most up to date information when required.

Whilst relevant contact information will be included in the profile
 for each contact identified, an additional fee is payable for any appointments made with these contacts, should this service form part of your instruction with us.

An example 'Account Profile' can be made available upon request, go to contact us

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