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Our comprehensive 'Lead Generation' service could benefit your business with a steady supply of qualified, relevant and valuable leads and/or appointments which can be provided on an ongoing, periodic or ad-hoc basis, and includes:

  • Identification of decision maker or key influencer contacts within a target account


  • Setting of appointments with decision maker or key influencer contacts within a target account


Our Lead Generation Methodology:

Establish what your brand awareness is and identify your key competitors


Identify the sectors the competition has been both successful and unsuccessful in

Research the competition
 to understand how they position themselves and their offering

Build a bespoke database with contact information of the competitors’ clients, if appropriate

Conduct a blind survey into the competition’s clients to understand: 


  • What is the need for these products/services?


  • Why do they use such a solution?


  • Why do they use that particular solution?


  • What did they see as the key advantages?


  • If they were going to review what improvements would they like to see?


  • What are the downsides?  

Build a bespoke database of other companies within the target sectors and their organisational structure; decision-makers, influencers and their existing contract terms/future projects.



Research a range of companies in those sectors to understand:  



  • The potential need


  • Current system usage


  • Product awareness


  • Market potential  

High Level Lead Generation Campaign. Your business would be supplied with highly qualified new business opportunities where there is a need, a timescale, a budget holder and a genuine opportunity.



Having gained an understanding of which sectors have the greatest potential, what that overall market looks like and how the competition most effectively position themselves, we would look to position your offering to its best advantage.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements


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