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We help businesses achieve their revenue and growth targets

We do this through helping their sales teams to become more efficient in their tactical and strategic new business activities.

Whether you are considering breaking into a new market, broadening your existing markets or simply reviewing your sales strategy, we can help you apply your valuable time and resources into achievingyour sales objectives. 

By externalising the process of targeted sales research, improved sales performance can be achieved without the often costly and high risk process of recruiting new hires and the usual productivity delays associated with this process.

We take the concept of outsourced lead generation to another level with a high-value, intelligent research approach to help our clients work smarter and more efficiently in their target markets.


Outsourced Business Development

Most people have a similar perception about Lead Generation; that there is somebody who sits at a desk with a telephone and a long list of names and they call the people on that list to try and book meetings with them.

For almost the entire lead generation industry in the UK this perception is also the reality. Because most traditional outsourced telemarketing is conducted in this manner it fails even the simplest of product and services campaigns.

What we are neither justifying nor offering is this type of Lead Generation. What we are offering is a more considered and effective approach because, as the name suggests, LeadGenPlus+ doesn’t just do lead generation. Lead Generation is simply the outcome of all the other processes that come before it in order to ensure a successful campaign.


What does outsourcing offer you that you don’t get in-house?






Manage the entire process

Incur management and training costs

Set and monitor KPI’s and outcomes

Take up management time

Work in a target driven environment

Take holidays, resign or leave

Provide ongoing sales training, coaching and feedback

Need to be paid when not being used

Provide fully trained professionals already in-situ; means no ramp-up time

Go sick for extended periods

Spend time at your site as and when required

Ask for a pension or company car

Provide readily scaleable services

Have an expense account

Offer a flexible (you use when you want to/turn off when not required) resource

Expect redundancy payments or health insurance

Include a full and detailed reporting structure

Incur performance and behaviour management costs

Include accountability to you for activity and ROI

Need office space, computer, stationery, lighting and a telephone in your office


We can quickly become a seamless extension of your business development operation, supplying high-value opportunities for your skilled team to manage and close.  

At every stage our sales specialists would represent your business, promoting your products, services and brand, as if a permanent member of your team.  Our team are all experienced professionals with excellent communication skills.  

Clear handover and quality control procedures ensure that all parties have complete confidence in the opportunities supplied.  Each individual sales specialist becomes a dedicated resource for the duration of the engagement to provide continuity of service.

"Communication is excellent and they take time to understand not only our offering, but more importantly if there is a good fit with our prospective clients." Director - Internet Marketing Agency 

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